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Blazz do not charge you a cent for using the app and places no limit on the number of Advocates you can have!

The Referral Rate is one of the most direct ways you can measure your referral program's performance. It essentially measures how much the referral program contributes to your store's sales!

Under your business account in Blazz, you can click under merchant analytics and access reports and analysis tools for all your promos. Blazz calculates your Referral Used for each promo based on the Referral Cashback set by you. You can select the date filter by date, month, past 30 days or simply key in the date range you wish to search. The data will show the amount of Referral Cashbacks each user has earned and how much total bill he had referred to your business. You will be able to click on details to see the breakdown of each individual transaction\u2019s on the total spending with date and time stamp.


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