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Under your business account in Blazz, you can click under merchant analytics and access reports and analysis tools for all your promos. Blazz calculates your Referral Used for each promo based on the Referral Cashback set by you. You can select the date filter by date, month, past 30 days or simply key in the date range you wish to search. The data will show the amount of Referral Cashbacks each user has earned and how much total bill he had referred to your business. You will be able to click on details to see the breakdown of each individual transaction 2019 on the total spending with date and time stamp.

Blazz is designed such that only your customers who had been to your store before will be able to refer your promo to his friends. And it generally takes around 4-6 months for a store to build up referral momentum and achieve a steady state of Referral Rate. Hence, it is of absolute importance for all your current users to use the app for redemptions at your store so they will all build up to a bigger database for your future referral to kick in.

Choose attractive Referral Rewards & Offers

The reason is simple: attractive rewards motivate your customers to want to refer your store, and encourage their Friends to want to make a purchase. There are no perfect rewards to choose, but to help you out, we will provide some examples below and even can provide assistance to advise you on choosing the right Referral and the appropriate offers that is applicable to your store.

Enroll as many referrer as you can

Referrer are users that have used the app for redemptions in your store, in other words, only referrer can refer. Hence, naturally, the more referrer you have in your referral program, the higher its likelihood of success. This is something we've observed, after helping thousands of retailers run their referral programs. And this is extra sweet for you, since Blazz do not charge you a cent for using the app and places no limit on the number of referrer you can have!

Here are some ways you can maximize the number of referrer in your referral program:

  • Create attractive promos to attract users

Attracting customers and turning them into advocates is the first and the most critical channel for you to promote your referral program to your Advocates. It's one of the first touch points where they are made aware that they can refer their friends to your store via the app - and earn some rewards at the same time. You can by default easily create a promo at your business page, it can be as simple as this:


  • Feature your referral program on your website/facebook/instagram

Highlighting your Blazz referral program on your website/facebook/instagram will ensure that more of your customers are made aware of its existence. You can make use of links, banner images, or featured images to grab your customers' attention, and let them know that they can - and should - refer their Friends to your store.

  • Invite your past customers to join your referral program?

We provide another free feature for Blazz merchants which is sending notification to all your users. Since notif only get sent out to new or existing customers, you should also invite your past customers to join your referral program. To do this, simply contact us and send all your existing contacts to our admin and we will activate them as Advocates in your referral program.

Optimize your referral emails and social media exposure

Make sure that each of your referral program templates are optimized for getting referral sales. These are the main areas you can focus on:

a. Referral Emails

As mentioned in this guide, a good subject line is your best bet at maximizing the open rates of your Referral Emails.

A good way to do so is to highlight the benefit to the Advocate. You can do this by mentioning the Referral Reward in the subject line. For example: "Don't miss out on $20 off your next purchase!" or "Be rewarded with 15% off your next purchase when you share the love".

Your Referral Email's content should also convince your Advocates to share their Referral Links with their Friends.

b. Optimizing for social media shares

Having a featured image for your Referral Links help them stand out in social media feeds, and increases the likelihood of engagement by Friends. You should choose a visually captivating image that showcases what your store sells, so that your Advocate's Friends have a good sense of your store's value proposition. With an attractive photo you posted for a particular promo, the share button will automatically attached the photo with a header : “Check out this Promo”.

Please do take note that the auto link only applies to email and whatsapp and the auto photo attachment only applies to Android phones. However, you can still share your promo code by sharing a header with your code by posting in social media channels like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, Instagram, Telegram etc.

An example will be like this :

Download Blazz and quote "Promo20" and you will enjoy 20% off all food and drinks. Promotion will end in December.

The Referral Rate is one of the most direct ways you can measure your referral program's performance. It essentially measures how much the referral program contributes to your store's sales!



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