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You can also create multiple businesses at zero cost for now. Simply add another business to register. However, currently for online businesses, you have to inform us via phone/whatsapp/email so that we can help guide you how to register. Rest assured it is still an easy process, we just need few minutes of your time to guide you through the process.

Blazz allows you to know the promos at the store without physically being there. For example you can search the merchant near your office and realise that Gopay is having a 20% cashback capped at Rp 15.000 while OVO is giving 30% cashback without going to the store to see the standee or ask the staffs. On top of that, if you like the promos and share to your friends, you can still earn real cash if your friend redeems the promo using your referral code.

Blazz is not an e-wallet so you are not able to use Blazz Points to pay. You can still use OVO, Gopay, Dana, Cashbac or cash/credit card for your usual payment depending on each merchant. Blazz just allows you to redeem and enjoy discount and share to earn referrals. Hence, you do not need to add any credit card in the app. All you need is download and redeem the promos.            


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